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HamForGood is a HAMY.LABS initiative giving 20% of all HAMY.LABS project profits to causes that better the world.

how it works

  • HamForGood applies to all HAMY.LABS projects
  • HamForGood gives 20% of project profits to select causes
  • Each cause has a list of organizations it donates its funds to
  • Each project may optionally declare a cause it supports (defaulting to discretionary if none is set)
  • Of the 20% to be donated
    • 10% goes to the project’s cause (defaulting to discretionary if empty)
    • 10% goes to the discretionary cause
  • The discretionary cause will distribute its funds to HamForGood causes as is deemed most impactful at the time of disbursement
  • Disbursements will happen ~halfly

An example:

Say a shirt is sold from my shop for $30 and total costs were $20. This leaves us with $10 of profit. So we take 20% of that profit ($2) for HamForGood. Let’s say this project backs the climatechange cause. In that case, $1 would go to organizations fighting climate change (as listed next to the climatechange cause in the docs linked below) and the other $1 would be distributed among other causes like socialjustice or publichealth.

HamForGood projects

You can find all HamForGood projects, related writings, and accounting here:

why HamForGood?

I created HamForGood as a system to help the world through a medium I enjoy - building projects. My hope is to keep it simple, sustainable, and impactful.

You can read more about the current paradigm in its launch post.


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