Google Cloud: Create a cheap CloudSQL instance (`db-f1-micro` or `db-g1-small`)

2021.05.29 | 130 words |


On Google Cloud’s pricing calculator, there are two options for cheap Cloud SQL instances: db-f1-micro and db-g1-small costing about $9.92 / month and $27.80 / month respectively when outfitted with 25GB HDD storage.

However, when we use the Cloud SQL console to actually create our instances, these options are nowhere to be found.


Not to worry, they’re there: Google Cloud is just being a little sneaky and making it hard to figure out.

You can choose the db-f1-micro or db-g1-small Cloud SQL instances from the Cloud SQL create page by:

  • Expand Extra Settings
  • Under Machine Type choose: Shared core
    • db-f1-micro = 1 vCPU, 0.614GB option
    • db-g1-small = 1 vCPU, 1.7GB option
  • Be sure to select single instance and the correct storage size to lock in the low prices!

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