Printful: Comparing hoodie / sweatshirt offerings - Unisex Premium Hoodie vs Gildan 18500

2020.09.26 | 622 words |

I build a lot of projects in my free time - that’s usually what I write about here on HAMY.LABS. One of these projects is HAMY.SHOP where I sell renditions of my art on prints and clothing using Printful.

I recently released a new clothing collection dump45 on my shop and vetted some of Printful’s hoodie offerings in the process. I wanted to share my thoughts on these offerings so that you might make some better choices and save some money in your own clothing-creation endeavors.

Below I’ll be reviewing and comparing the Unisex Premium Hoodie and the Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie (Gildan 18500).


Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie (Gildan 18500)

I wanted to start with the Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie (aka the Gildan 18500) as this was the first hoodie I tried out. My test package was a pink base with an embroidered logo on the front. I got both a Medium and Large for my girlfriend and I to try out.

  • price - $21.59+
  • fit and feel - The sweatshirt feels good. It’s warm and soft on the inside. The hood is maybe a little small, giving the feeling that it’s pulling the entire sweatshirt up and towards your neck when the hood is up. The arms are a good length and the overall structure fits true - I’m usually a large in other lines and a large sweatshirt fits normally. That being said, there’s nothing particularly flattering about the fit - it’s just very plain, a bit blocky, and cut in such a way that makes me feel a bit meh.
  • colors - The Gildan 18500 comes in a range of 11 different colors from shades of dark colors to red, green, and event light pink and blue

Overall the Gildan 18500 is a solid hoodie that comes in at a very reasonable price (it’s the cheapest Printful option as of this writing by about $5). However, the lackluster fit of the hoodie means it likely won’t be a mainstay in anyone’s closet.

Unisex Premium Hoodie

I’m not sure exactly what brand the Unisex Premium Hoodie is as Printful doesn’t list it on their site but I’ll be reviewing it as this is actually the one I chose for my newest clothing collection.

  • price - $26
  • fit and feel - The Unisex Premium Hoodie is certainly less soft on the inside than the Gildan 18500. This simultaneously gives it the feeling that it’ll be a bit less warm and deal with sweat a bit better. The fit is a bit more trim and flattering than the Gildan 18500 - I think because the shoulders are a little less wide which leads to less excess fabric on the sides to bunch up into a ring around the midsection. This hood, when up, still pulls up the rest of the hoodie but far less intensely than the Gildan 18500 giving it a more comfortable fit.
  • colors - 6 colors of muted shades

The Unisex Premium Hoodie beats out the Gildan 18500 in terms of looks and is neutral on comfort - depending on if you prefer softer insides or not. It comes in at an extra $5 / hoodie so this is a good upgrade pick if you’re looking for a better looking product.


I ended up going with the Unisex Premium Hoodie over the Gildan 18500. It’s about $5 more expensive per hoodie but offers a better fit and feel than the Gildan 18500. The Unisex Premium Hoodie is a hoodie I’d be willing to wear often while the Gildan 18500 isn’t - making it the clear winner in this matchup.


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