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2020.08.26 | 271 words |

Today I’m releasing my latest project Dump45. The project’s focus is to reflect on the impacts and seed discussion of the Trump era thus far. It consists of a collection of images - old and new - that center the issues of rising political tensions, authoritarianism, and human selfishness in the world today.

My hope is that this project will 1) serve as a stimulus for reflection in those who consume it and 2) produce some amount of real change today. To make this happen, I’ve translated these works into a clothing collection to further the reach of these works and as a method by which to raise funds for the upcoming 2020 election. I’ve set Dump45’s HamForGood cause as politicalaction which will be distributing funds to organizations that combat voter suppression and support the election of Biden through election day - November 3rd, 2020.

This election matters. Its outcome will influence the direction of the world for years to come. Dump45 isn’t enough to influence the election by itself. But if everyone put a little time, effort, and resources forward to build projects, fund worthy causes, and be heard we can certainly be that change.

We now have 68 days until the 2020 Presidential election. Register to vote, discuss the issues, and vote early. Be an active member of the United States’ democratic republic.

Shop the dump45 collection on HAMY.SHOP

Read more about Dump45 on its project page

You can check your voter registration (and register if you haven’t yet) at


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