The Nature of Code with p5 Python: exercise i.1

Published: 2020-01-16 21:08:46 -0800 -0800

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Here’s a quick video of my solution:

Here’s the code:

# prompt - create a random walker that has a tendency to move down and to the right

from p5 import *
from random import randint
from typing import Optional

class Walker:
    x: float
    y: float

    def __init__(self, x: float = 0, y: float = 0) -> None:
        self.x = x
        self.y = y

    def move(self, x_offset: float, y_offset: float) -> None:
        self.x += x_offset
        self.y += y_offset

    def display(self) -> None:
        circle((self.x, self.y), 1)

walker: Optional[Walker] = None
should_start: bool = False

def setup():
    global walker

    size(640, 640)

    walker = Walker(width / 2, height / 2)

def draw():
    global walker, should_start

    if should_start:
        walker.move(randint(-1,1) + randint(0, 1), randint(-1,1) + randint(0,1))

def key_pressed():
    global should_start

    if key == " ":
        should_start = True

def main():


A quick explanation of what’s going on:

  • we create a walker class with the ability to store its location, move, and display itself on line 26
  • on 44 we setup our canvas to draw on and create a walker on it
  • on 53 we tell the walker to move and display each time we draw. We accomplish the down and right bias by just adding in another (0, 1) in that direction. Rudimentary to be sure, but it works.
  • then on 66 and 69 we start our program

You can disregard the key_pressed and should_start business on 56 and 60 as those are just to make it easier for me to capture the animations.

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