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2020.04.29 | 171 words |


I’m building my first mobile game with Unity - coffeedash - but when I build my app, it’s starting with the wrong scene. How can I tell Unity to play a different scene first?


The UI for scene ordering / selection isn’t great so this is a common question / issue. To change the ordering of scenes in your project:

  • Go to File > Build Settings
  • Find the Scenes in Build section - this will contain all of the scenes in your project that have been added to the build.
  • Next to each listed scene, you should see a number which indicates its build index which is the order in which the scene will appear in the build. Note that after 0 (the first scene), this doesn’t really matter as you’ll likely have a controller script in your game that handles scene switching for the lifespan of the process.
  • Find the scene you want to move and drag and drop it to the desired index.
  • profit

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