Unity: Take High Quality Screenshots in Unity with No Code

2021.03.19 | 399 words |

In this guide I’ll show you how I take high quality screenshots in Unity3D with no code.

To do this we’ll be using the official Unity Recorder package. I like it because it’s:

  • Feature rich
  • Officially supported
  • Free
  • No code
  • Just works

All of these lead me to believe that this will be a good screen capture method now and in the future.

Taking a screenshot with Unity Recorder

Here’s how to take a screenshot using Unity’s official Unity Recorder package.

Installing Unity Recorder

First let’s install Unity Recorder so we can use it.

  • Window > Packge Manager
  • Inside Package Manager, change the Package type to ‘Unity Registry’.
  • Search for ‘record’ in the search box
  • Select Unity Recorder then click Install

This will begin installation of the Unity Recorder package for use in your project.

Making Unity Recorder visible in the Unity UI

Next we need to make the Unity Recorder tools visible so we can use them.

Open the Unity Recorder window by:

  • Window > General > Recorder > Recorder Window
  • Now drag and drop the Unity Recorder window wherever you want - just as you would any other tool window.

Taking a screenshot

Unity Recorder is pretty feature packed, allowing you to take many different kinds of recordings - timed recordings, frame-based recordings, constant / variable rates, etc. But for this post we’re just trying to take a screenshot.

  • First we need to add a Recorder. To take a screenshot, we’ll want to add Image Sequence.
  • Once added, you should see the red play button colorize to indicate it’s now ready to record. Tweak the settings like Source (what the recorder will record), Media File Format, and Output Resolution to your liking.
  • In the top Recorder pane change Recording Mode to Single Frame and set Target Frame to the frame you want to capture (I usually use 0 so that my recorder gets the first frame after clicking the button).

To take a screenshot, simply get your video source looking at the things you want to capture and click the red button or START RECORDING to take a screenshot!


I’ve been working a lot more in Unity this year so have been putting out semi-regular tips and tricks for how I get the most out of the environment. If you’re interested in getting updates, consider subscribing to my posts and/or subscribing to my videos.

Happy developing!


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