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what is it?

monoform is a music visualizer that runs directly in your browser, kinda like moon-eye.

why was it built?

I like visuals. I like music. I wanted to play with P5js.

how was it built?

I built it using tools straight out of vanilla p5js. I was originally playing around with Unity but found there to be quite the learning curve, so much so that the idea started to become boring due to time elapsed holding onto it.

So I went with what I knew -> JS and p5 and it worked out surprisingly well.

I’m using the 3d canvas which uses WEBGL and while not the most performant thing in the world, it’s worked just fine on my machine for my purposes. Can’t ask for more.

learn more

Read more about the project

or head over to my YT channel to see full length songs visualized with monoform:


About the Ham

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