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Monoliths are a lens through which I will be building towards my art mission:

Explore the nature of life from the perspective of the universe.

This mission is a distillation of my understanding of myself - my experiences, hopes, and dreams over the last 26 years of life.

I will utilize Monoliths as a way to explore and reflect by making. My thoughts. My creations. My experiences.

They will be an extension of my current systems - a way to deepen my understanding of those systems and to broaden my experiences with them.

Similarly, they overlap with many of my existing passions:

  • art
  • technology
  • sci-fi / fantasy
  • systems

I think art can be hard to describe. I’m having trouble doing that myself. So here I’d like to invite you to explore my Monoliths instead. To experience first-hand rather than second-hand.

Monolith System

I love systems. I want Monoliths to be a reflection of my life - to the point of being meta-aware. So it, too, will be ruled by systems.

My Monolith system:

  • Every Monolith is a reflection of my life - an idea, a feeling, a thing
  • Every Monolith will be named ‘Monolith of XXXX: Monolith of COREIDEA’
  • It will be functional by itself - displayed alone and within worlds, virtual and not
  • It will be elegant, it will be powerful, it will hold internal and convey external meaning
  • It will be long-lasting - the artifact should theoretically continue working through year 3000
  • It will be built on data - each Monolith should incorporate data at its core
  • It will be fantastical and inspirational - it should make people think, wonder, and also feel


Besides exploring the conceptual side of life through my Monoliths, I also want to use them as a means by which to learn new technologies and techniques I’m interested in. Currently those include 3D animations, graphics programming, and physics-based simulations. As such, my technology choices will be weighted both by the best tools for the conceptual job as well as the best tools to satiate my technological curiosities and expected future endeavors.

Currently those choices are:

  • Unity - I’ve used Unity in the past for a few different 3D projects. It’s powerful, uses C# (one of my favorite languages), is well supported, and is quite performant. For these reasons Unity seems like a solid choice that won’t hinder me on my journey.
  • Blender - I’ve heard this is a leading product in both 3D modeling and even some animations. It’s open source and is something I think will be useful to learn as I get further into the 3D space.

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