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what is it?

Statutes is a reflection on the ways in which we distribute power and the ways in which we remember the usage of that power - particularly in the United States and as it intersects with social demographics like wealth, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Its name is based on the word statutes - a law passed by a legislative body - as it pertains to the execution of power and was chosen due to its closeness to the word statue which is oft a physicial representation - and reminder - of that power.

In 2020, we’ve seen a cataclysm of events like police brutality, natural disasters, and coronavirus that have simultaneously worked to disrupt society and in the process brought into focus the types of people society protects and the types of people that society systematically oppresses. This work showcases and digs into this hierarchy in order to question what it is, why it exists, and, hopefully, what we can do about it.

I expect this body of work to be controversial. Hopefully that means it’s getting people thinking.



how can I get it?

Statutes is on view at

how was it built?

statutes was built with various technologies

  • stylegan2
  • artbreeder

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